PhumSchool Management system

PhumSchool is a revolutionary school management system introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school operations by integrated solution connects administration, student, teacher, fee and bill, report, and parent portal together.


We made awesome features for everything your institution will ever need

Student Management

A place where you can manage all student information and operations

Teacher Management

Allow you can store Teacher information and get in touch with the parents too

System Administrator

This is centrally takes care of school management activity at schools

Fee and Bill

You can issue fee and bill easy and fast to the parent

Report Management

A place where management team can get data for what they need and want

Parent Portal

A Mobile Apps where parent can get their child’s studies and connected to school

Your Benefits

Parent Portal

Effective communication with parents regarding children performances


Internal system usage with the data encrypted

User Friendly

Easy to manage students, teachers, administrator, reports

High Performance

Simple process and easy to manage data just in few clicks


Easily get supported with our convenient by Support Ticket System


Our plant are affordable and come with no limits on the number of user

Bus Portal

Bus attendant notification when pick up and drop off students


Immediate information retrieval through customizable reports


Easily import student data with excel format

Cost Saving

Reduce paper usage and ease administer tasks make it a simple process

Scalable Licenses

All our plans are match and scalable into your school size

Free Update Version

System will release updates frequently to all clients

Parent Portal is crafted with lot of concentration on what parents can expect or what they may look for. Parents who have no time to visit the school but are very much concerned about their children’s studies would also love to get through the details at a few clicks through their mobile on features below.

  • Feedback
  • Bus Portal
  • Assignment
  • School Event
  • Parent Conference
  • Grade Information
  • Report
  • Invoice


PhumSchool is a revolutionary school management system; it turns your complexities faced in daily school operations into an extraordinary trusted system. You can view our video introduction below for more details.

About Us

PhumSchool is a revolutionary school management system that is designed to supporting schools in effectively managing their school related operations and activities. It is a result of years of research on reducing the management efforts and maximizing efficiency of school management systems.

With the bunch of exceptional features it has, PhumSchool has changed the way a school works and administers its day-to-day operations. In simple words, it has integrated solution connects administration, student, Teacher, Fee/Bill, Report, and Parent Portal all in once.


A management system in every school, all running PhumSchool management system


  • Deliver the premium school management system
  • Update the latest technology in system
  • Ensure good relationship and support with partner at all level

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